How to save myself more time as a Dropshippign

Dropshipping has always been something that you can outsource. However, it is not something that you can just do easily. First of all, you have to learn the business well. In other words, you have to totally master it. And after that you have to know how to effectively grow and increase your profit.

Here we will discuss a few ways you can save yourself hours upon hours of time, which I think you will totally love.

1. Plan Ahead

Being organized is the most important thing of all. There is a book called “The 7 Habits of highly successful people”, which I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve themselves and their efficiency. But if you do not feel like reading it here are the basic principles.
You have to plan ahead for a whole week. You can write down every role that you have in your life and then write down what action you will take upon it every single day. When you plan this for a whole week of time ahead, you can see well the whole picture and also plan everything better. Often times things don’t go as planned but if you focus on what you have to do, you will do it faster.

2. Improve your focus

For many of us, this means removing all distractions, like music, Facebook, emails and so on. The thing is you see, if you get unfocused every 10 minutes it will take you more 10 minutes to get focused again. And that is wasting a lot of valuable time. Every time I do something, I don’t stop doing it until I finish it. And that is the most effective way I can do it. I suggest you do the same.

3. This is SmPro – Use it.

Already running more that 50 products? Well, you are lucky because we are providing this amazing software. You can choose the free version to try it out and then go advanced to get all the good stuff (It’s just 10 bucks.). However, the amount of time you will have now is unbelievable. As before, you had to manually check every single product in order to see if it’s changed its price, now you simply get an email when there is a change. How neat is that? And that’s not all. You can also save time when listing a product with the Autolister. By just using one website you will do everything 10 times faster.

4. Outsource

Once you learn which products sell well and which don’t, once you really feel like you got the hang of it, you can outsource your work. All you have to do is to go to UpWork and find someone from the Philippines or Bangladesh to do the dirty work for you. The reason you want to hire people from these countries is that they cannot do drop ship from their location and steal your business, and also they are the cheapest work hand. (And to be honest, it is not a good idea to pay someone a lot of money for listing products on Ebay.)

There are some secrets and tricks to it but we will reveal them in upcoming training in SmPro.

5. Learn constantly

Want to be a specialist in your sphere? Want to be the best? Do not stop learning. That is key. The moment you stop growing the opposite of growth happens. Find different sources to learn the most recent drop ship news and techniques. This way you will always know what is the most effective way to do things.