Myths about what can increase your drop shipping business in Amazon and eBay.

It is possible for you to find dozens of software which can help of drop shipper seller to make successful sales. Usually, people buy useless courses with false information or take advises from fake “guru” sellers in their quest of seeking and making money.

Have you ever questioned yourself if it’s worth it?

Let’s give one example with the negative keywords in the title. Is it helpful?

It is said if you put a negative word in your title like ”No Apple” for example it can provide you some potential clients. Maybe there is some sort of truth about it, but it will barely give you some points if your customer is looking for this exact product. What is most certain to happen is that the search engine will count a lot of visitors but less sells and your product will go down in the rank list.

What is also very common is renaming the title but the question is is this helpful?

Absolutely not! No one will ever write some algorithm that could take information about the product like title, specification and so one and so forth just from the name of the image. It is not very smart to waste your time with such things when you can use that time to make money. If you don’t believe me try to rename one image with your name and try to find something.

Frequently changing the price in your eBay store?

This can help you when there are so-called ”watchers” who can see the change and buy. But if not, it will temporarily discard your listing from the search and your sales will do the same.

So what about the unique description?

Yes, this can get you some traffic but not good enough because for drop shipping business in eBay and Amazon are not good ranked by the search engines. Preferable for you is to count on your platform traffic instead of fighting with google products.

Adding HTML code in order to improve the visibility of the products?

It is believed it can rank you higher in the search rank list. Actually, the client doesn’t even see this particular code and the search engine use much more other factors. So I don’t think you should waste your time to do that either, even more, when the eBay policy of 2017 strictly forbids the using of active scripts in the products code.

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