Are you taking the Potent Advantage of the fact Dropshhiping is a SEASONAL business?

It is not a secret for anybody that shopping is a seasonal business which has different varieties depending on the weather, trends and other factors.
Everyone is waiting for the spring after this long and cold winter and the people start to buy new things for their gardens for example or something new that will improve their homes. Let’s create a plan with the upcoming occasions.
We can not miss Valentine’s Day. Many sellers will advise you that it’s a great opportunity to make some money, but my opinion is completely the opposite. It is a waste of time because after that day no one will buy what you are selling.  The next “big deal” is Easter. At this time of the year people start to make their summer plans and of course, this includes shopping. The sales of lawnmowers, grills, BBQs and patio furniture are double between March and April on eBay, and it’s the highest point in July.
If you want to sell products for the garden statistically between 4 April and 1 May is the best time to do that. Do not wait until the last minute because the customers never do. April and May are the months when everybody is looking for home furniture and DIYs. So think about everything that you want to improve in your home and provided it to your clients. Think about new promotions or cross-selling ideas.
Let’s sum up with the most precious day .. and of course the Mother’s Day. It is the well-beloved day but a short opportunity. We suggest you start creating your plan for that day around the week before.