Sm Pro: Energy guide

You know what is the difference between the productive person and the highly productive one? That is the ability to manage their energy and increase. People like Brendon Burchard are a great example about that as they radiate with positive energy. From the first glance you can determine that this person is doing what they are supposed to and you feel attracted to them. This will not only result in better results when it comes down to productivity but it will also increase your general likability.

So, let’s get to the meat of this topic.

1. Mental Discipline

Did you know that your thinking process consumes a great deal of energy? Well, what if you could direct that process into a more conscious way and positive direction? Actually, only by focusing your attention on the present moment you can free up a ton of mental energy and immediately feel way better.

A way you can do this is by meditating regularly. This might feel strange to you, have you not done it before, however, it has hundreds of scientifically proven benefits and improving your clarity and focus are certainly a few of them. So try to make it a habit meditating for 10 minutes every day.

Also, another neat trick you can do, is to simply ask yourself this question before you do anything: Will this increase my energy?
Strangely enough, if you do this for a day, you will discover that some activities will and others won’t. For example, exercising or meeting an old friend might increase your energy level while browsing through Facebook might do just the opposite.
So by turning this question into something you do daily, you can create a wonderful habit which will surely make you more energetic on the long run.

2. Food

What you eat is highly important. And getting educated on that topic is even more. However, the basic things you need to know are that you must eat a lot of vegetables and less processed food. Take this one piece of advice and you will feel much better about yourself.

3. The biggest myth

Have you ever seen a kid running around so happy while bursting with energy all the time. Imagine now an adult who just works from 9 to 5. Who do you imagine with more energy? The kid right? Well, the reason behind this phenomena is not only the fact that the kid is happy (though, that plays a big part) but the fact that it just doesn’t stop. The kid has absolutely no desire to be lazy. Older people tend to believe that taking a rest and being lazy equals joy. But really ask yourself this question: Is is your greatest desire to do nothing? Or is it to be your best version and do a lot of things all of the time. Do you even want to be lazy and do nothing? Or there is another reason to that feeling?

You see, there is no limit to your energy. Once you burn up, let’s call it your tank of energy, another one shows up right at the end. The reason however, that most people never get to experience this, is because they never get to give their best. So start giving your best now, at all times and observe how your energy levels just blow trough the roof.

4.How is this connected to dropshipping?

You probably know the answer to this question but for those of you who still wonder why I am not posting specific technique advice ( Which will actually come in the near future.) is because self-development is a key element to success. You cannot simply spend 30 minutes a day on your business, call it a day and switch on the TV. No matter what you do and in what sphere you are in, this way of behaving will not bring you success. It won’t even get you close.

So it is highly important that you develop the necessary habits for success in order to see real results from the techniques you apply. And this information will improve all spheres of your life.